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The best solution to organize your trip or weekend group tour.

MITOUR COSTABLANCA is an Agency of Excursions and Organized and Guided Trips, which covers the towns of the Costa Blanca through different collection routes. A small family of people with similar tastes and personalities, with whom to enjoy knowing places and their curiosities in a more pleasant, tasty and thoughtful way, in good company.

The objective of the company is precisely to provide an alternative choice of weekend travel and holidays without having to wait for vacations, through a wide range of travel continuously, so that each person can join the trip that you most want or whose date suits you.

In all our trips the group is accompanied at all times by a historian and archaeologist guide, and a support monitor when the groups are not small. However, the company varies the training of the support monitor according to the characteristics of the group, so for groups of foreigners it is used a graduate in philology of the same language as the group, for groups of school children will be an educational psychologist , etc.

MITOUR COSTABLANCA try to reduce costs to a minimum to favor the pleasure of traveling and enjoying new experiences. The company structures its services based on 4 types:

- Full Day Trips: In which the group is collected in its population or very close to it, cities, natural landscapes, historical heritage and / or unique festivities of tourist interest are visited, and an optional meal is organized for members of the group interested in it. These trips are usually held on Saturday or Sunday, except those festivities that inexorably have to be made on a weekday.

- Weekends trips: Trips with an overnight stay in which the group is collected in its population or very close to it, and in which cities, natural sites, historical heritage and / or festivities are visited at more distant distances than in full-day trips. The guide will show the group the most important restoration areas for those who want to go free, and a menu will also be organized in a regional restaurant for group members who are interested in it. These trips are usually made on Saturday and Sunday, except those events or festivities that are compulsorily made one or more days during the week.

- Holiday Trips: Trips with two or more overnight stays, in which the group is also collected in its population or very close to it, to visit cities, natural sites, historical heritage and / or festivities, at distances even further away than on Weekend trips. The dynamics of the restoration offer will be the same as in the previous case. These trips are usually made using holiday bridges that usually take Friday, Saturday and Sunday; or Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

- Trips to your liking: Without being a group, the company has the option of tailor-made trips individually or for groups and groups, on the date that the client needs and based on the characteristics that we express, always looking for the cheapest price or trying to improve existing budgets that are sent to us.

The availability of the trips and their prices vary considerably due to mileage issues between the 3 different collection areas that the company has:

-Costa Sur "South Coast" (For towns from Torrevieja to Alicante).

-Costa Norte "North Coast" (For towns from Alicante to Altea).

-Interior Sur "South Interior" (For towns from Murcia to Elche).

-Interior Norte "North Interior" (For towns from Elda to Villena and Alcoi).

If you want to consult which area corresponds to your population, you can see it on our own webpage that has a section specialized in indicating each type of collection route and its specific stops.

After accessing their respective area, you can see the trips enabled for it, their dates, their prices and their specific characteristics.

If you register on our website indicating your preferences and preferences for traveling, you can automatically access discounts and promotions, at the same time that our travel database will make a statistics of the sum of the tastes of all registered users to be implemented in Your travel collection area will suit your preferences.

In MiTour Costablanca we like leisure and outdoor activities. Meet with us all the corners of Spain and its most unique traditions, in organized and guided routes

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