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One of our singularities in our overnight trips is that we include the hotel in the price of the trip, and from MITOUR COSTABLANCA we make a selection of the best available hotels on the date indicated for each trip.

However, as last minute changes can be made regarding the number of clients and the availability of the hotels, in MITOUR COSTABLANCA we work with several of them, being able to change between them a few days before departure.


From MITOUR COSTABLANCA we always demand for our trips that they are a 4 star or superior, and always in breakfast regime, to allow travelers to decide how, where or when they want to eat or dine, and how much to spend, regardless of whether we always try to organize an optional group meal at destination for whoever wants it.

If for some reason the hotel had to be of different characteristics, all customers would be notified.

We always demand that hotels have their inspections and insurance in order, and that they comply with minimum safety and hygiene standards. However, if for some reason any client had any complaint about the service provided by the hotel, from MITOUR COSTABLANCA we will help him to file the necessary claims against the establishment to ensure his interests and satisfaction.

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