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Although we have available several bus companies, our requirement for all of them is the same, professionalism of the drivers, legality of contracting, insurance in order, respect for driving times and rest of the professionals, optimum state of safety and hygiene of buses, and WI-FI service on the bus.


One of the fundamental aspects of MITOUR COSTABLANCA is that during the booking of your trips and excursions we allow you to request your seat preference, since each type of seat has characteristics that some clients usually request for personal or health reasons.

Although depending on the size of the group, from MITOUR COSTABLANCA we can change between larger or smaller bus models, during the reservation you will see an image with a map divided and indicated by colors, of the different seat types differentiated by divisible sections, so the size of the bus will not matter so that your seat preference can be respected.


Our distinction between seats has been made based on surveys made to customers, and the differentiation between seats are:

   First ones: Specials to avoid the problems of severe dizziness of some people.

   Front: Lesser extent than previous ones, but ideal for people with ease to get sick.

   Middle: They have the most stable temperature both in winter and summer, the front part is usually colder and rear part warmer.

   Middle Front: You can lie down in seats more than others.

   Middle Rear: They have more space for the legs than the rest, special for high or big people.

   Rear: They are statistically the safest.

   Last ones: They allow a complete visual control of everything happens on the bus.


Keep in mind that as sooner you make reservations, you will get them before other pwople who want same than you. However, if your seat preference is already reserved you will be assigned the closest available seats, although when you make the reservation you will have the option to write us a message if you want to detail or indicate something in this regard.

After your reservation, you will be informed by e-mail of the seat you will occupy, by means of our seat code. Please keep in mind the following map to know what your seat will be.


On each trip there will be some stops to go to the toilet, have a drink and drivers' rest, the number of them will depend on the mileage and type of trip. Once on the bus, the guide will indicate how and when.


When picking up, the guide will remember the rules of the bus (don't eat or drink inside, put on your security belts for your safety and to avoid fines), how the trip will be structured, the WI-FI password, will make an introduction and contextualization to the places they will visit, will take note of the remaining contact telephone numbers that are missing in order to contact any customer in case of loss or unforeseen changes, etc.

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